Poker Farce and Poker Truth (The Actual Real World of Poker) by Ray Michael B.

Poker Farce and Poker Truth (The Actual Real World of Poker) by Ray Michael B.Published by TwoPlusTwo Publishing. Serious poker players are often asked, “What’s it really like…the world of poker? The answer is not easy because poker is an amazingly complex game. As complex as life itself. This book will attempt to answer that question. You will be taken to a serious game and be sitting besides the author. That is, you will be a spectator to the unfolding drama of poker. You will get to meet the players up close and personal, witness their strong and weak points, and watch their varied reactions in victory and defeat. Not only will you “play,” but you will have to address those problems that all poker players deal with. This includes bankroll management, developing self control, and understanding what it is that makes a poker player truly great. Your opponents will range from some of the best players in Las Vegas to a brilliant Japanese Admiral as he planned his attack on Pearl harbor


Omaha Hi-Lo Poker: How to Win at the Lower Limits by Shane Smith

How to Win at the Lower Limits  by Shane SmithLearn essential winning strategies for beating Omaha high-low; the best starting hands, how to play the flop, turn, and river, how to read the board for both high and low, dangerous draws, plus powerful chapter on winning low-limit tournaments. Smith shows the differences between Omaha high-low and holdem strategies. Includes odds charts, glossary, low-limit tips, strategic ideas.

Official Dictionary of Poker by Michael Wiesenberg

Official Dictionary of Poker by Michael Wiesenberghe completely updated and revised Mike Caro University edition contains the entire spectrum of poker terminology, from the common to the obscure. Written by a Card Player Magazine columnist since its inception and one of the top ranking and respected authorities has made his living playing poker for 10 years before turning to a career as an author. If you’ve ever wondered about the correct way to use a poker term or were bewildered by what your poker playing cohorts were saying, here’s the poker book that explains it all and is illustrated by thousands of colorful examples actually heard in cardrooms. Editor: A fun read and a great reference you will return to frequently.

More Hold’Em Excellence: A Winner for Life by Lou Krieger

A Winner for Life by Lou KriegerGoes beyond the basics; it takes you into the mind and decision-making processes of professional poker holdem players by providing solid information and advice on a broad spectrum of sophisticated topics. Mike Caro – “Lou Krieger presents powerful strategy and essential information that no serious holdem player should ignore.”

The Little Book of Poker by David Spanier

The Little Book of Poker by David Spanier“Sex is fun, but poker lasts longer!” -Anonymous. This outstanding selection of writings from the first regular poker column in a daily newspaper anywhere in the world traverses the poker universe, with stories about poker’s games, names, and claims to fame. You’ll visit the world’s greatest poker venues, feel the emotions of the annual World Series, and relive some of the greatest hands ever played. Packed with information about the popular games-holdem, stud, Omaha, and high-low – The Little Book of Poker can improve your play whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned expert. You’ll learn how to bet, when to bluff, when to drop, and when to pick up your chips and head for home. David Spanier wrote the regular weekly poker column for The Independent in London, England. His books include Total Poker, The Gambler’s Pocket Book, Easy Money: Inside the Gambler’s Mind, and Welcome to the Pleasuredome: Inside Las Vegas.

The Mathematics of Poker by Bill chen and Jerrod Ankenman

The Mathematics of Poker by Bill chen and Jerrod AnkenmanThis book provides an introduction to the quantitative techniques as applied to poker and to a branch of mathematics that is particularly applicable to poker, game theory, in a manner that makes seemingly difficult topics accessible to players without a strong mathematical background. “For those who think poker math is only about probability, pot odds, and styraightforward, rote play, think again. Bill chen and Jerrod Ankenman do a terrific job explaining how math can, amoung other things, show you exactly how to mix up your play in such a way that even champion players cannot get the bet of you. Especially those champions who don’t read this book. – David Sklansky, Author of The Theory of Poker

Internet Poker: How to Play and Beat Online Poker Games by Lou Krieger and Kathleen K. Watterson

How to Play and Beat Online Poker Games by Lou Krieger and Kathleen K. WattersonPlaying Internet poker in real time against real opponents might just represent poker’s brave new world. Whether for play-money or real money, it’s an environment consisting of virtual tables, player icons representing you and your opponents, and specialized computer algorithms that randomly shuffle the “cards.” It’s a world where you can find a game day or night. Though it may be the wee hours of the morning in California, it’s prime time in Europe, and someone, somewhere, is looking to play a little poker. But it’s poker with a difference. The game is the same, to be sure, but technology does kick in — sometimes in strange and unexpected ways. A reference as well as a tutorial, the book includes a CD with free poker software, and a special bonus chapter with 125 interactive hands to help you prepare to play the Internet games for fun or for profit. Doyle Brunson says “This book is a gem.” Linda Johnson says, “…this book is just what you need to play poker confidently at any Internet poker room”